Hotel Arrival

Prom Staff Will Direct You

Just Arrived at Prom

Parking and Dropping Off

In an effort to reduce congestion on Parkwood Blvd, starting at 4 pm on prom day when you turn east on John Q. Hammons Drive toward the hotel, Prom Staff will direct you around the hotel "block". If you plan to park in the garage, you'll be able to enter from the entrance facing Gaylord Parkway. If you are dropping off, you will be directed on around the hotel to the Avenue of the Stars entrance.

Parents, please do not accompany your students into the hotel lobby if you can avoid doing so. The hotel has asked us to reduce the congestion in their lobby during prom check-in. Due to space constraints and security concerns, parents are not allowed to accompany their students into secure prom areas.

Arriving students will be directed to the second floor where they may have their professional photos taken, go through dress check, and mingle with their friends before prom.

If you want to park in the Embassy Suites garage, please have $5 ready, as they will collect when you go in.


There are many beautiful backdrops in the City of Frisco to choose from for personal prom pictures, including several near the hotel.

Unfortunately, due to space considerations, we ask that you do not plan to take photos of your students at the hotel.

Please do not ask your student to return a camera or phone to you after they enter the hotel. It is difficult for us and for them to get out of line and then try to return. Thank you!